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UA Organ Area

“The UA Organ Department was such a great place to belong when I was a grad student!  Dr. Freese is of course a PHENOMENAL teacher–if you want to dig into performance practice and historical organ technique, she’s your lady.  The Holtkamp organ in the concert hall, along with the practice organs, were also some of my other “teachers” as well.  I also really enjoyed learning alongside the other musicians in my studio, meeting for studio classes and planning concerts and educational outreach programs, like the Pedals, Pipes, and PIzza we hosted in 2015.  I am proud to call these people my colleagues.  As I write this, with a glass of sweet tea next to me here in California, I find myself missing y’all bunches.*
-Katherine Ou (Loudermilk)
M.M., Organ Performance, Class of 2016