B.M. in Organ Performance

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  • MUS 250 Music in World Cultures must be taken during the spring semester of the freshman year. The fundamental music theory sequence should be taken during the first four semesters. The fundamental music history sequence should be started during the first semester of the sophomore year and completed in consecutive semesters. Students who have had less than three years of pre-college piano study should enroll in class piano.
  • Sophomore qualifying examination (MUA 199)
  • Piano proficiency examination (MUA 299)
  • Core Curriculum/General Education Requirements: 53 credit hours
Concert Attendance Requirements 

Five Semesters of MUA 010 Music Convocation. Music Minors must satisfactorily complete four semesters of MUA 010.

Performance Requirements

Music majors in the B.M. in performance program must perform in Convocation performances: once as freshmen, twice as sophomores, twice as juniors, and once as seniors.


Junior recital 25-30 minutes and a Senior recital 45-55 minutes.

Ensemble Requirements

Every semester until 8 hour minimum is met.