Undergraduate Requirements

Concert Attendance

The School of Music presents a regular series of concerts by faculty and students, University ensembles, and guest artists. These are open to the public. The School also presents a weekly music convocation to afford students the opportunity to perform before their peers. Any University student enrolled in studio instruction is eligible to perform on convocation.

Music majors must satisfactorily complete five semesters of Music Convocation. Music minors must satisfactorily complete four semesters of Music Convocation.


Music majors in the BM in performance program must perform in convocation as follows: once as freshmen (excepting voice majors), twice as sophomores, twice as juniors, and once as seniors. The performed material may not be part of a junior or senior recital. A junior recital (25-30 minutes) and a senior recital (45-55 minutes) are required of BM performance majors.

Music majors in the music therapy program must perform in convocation as follows: once as sophomores, twice as juniors, and once as seniors. The performed material may not be part of the required senior recital (20 minutes).

Music majors in either of the BS in education programs must perform in convocation as follows: once as sophomores and twice as juniors. The performed material may not be part of the required senior recital (20 minutes).

Every student recital is preceded by a pre-hearing for a faculty jury (15-30 days before a junior recital, 21-30 days before a senior recital). The jury may pass, postpone, or cancel the recital. If the jury does not pass the student’s recital on the third attempt in one semester, then the student must wait until the following semester before attempting to pass again. A student must be enrolled for appropriate applied study during the semester of any recital.


Students wishing to give a recital, may sign up during the first and second week of school for an appointment time to schedule a recital. Recitals usually occur on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. or Saturdays and Sundays at 2, 4, 6, or 8 p.m. Times other than those listed, require special permission from The School of Music Director. Home football game days are avoided due to traffic and other problems. A list of available recital dates is sent to all SOM professors at least two weeks prior to the start of classes each semester. We suggest each student select three possible dates. Please consult the list, your schedule, and your teacher’s schedule prior to sign-up.

All recitals take place in the Huey Recital Hall. Only percussionists and organists may give a recital in the Concert Hall.


Piano Proficiency Examination (MUA 299)

All music majors except piano majors must pass a piano proficiency exam. During the jury examination that marks the completion of required piano study (assuming that a minimum number of hours in piano is a degree requirement), students must demonstrate the ability to sight-read a piece of piano literature appropriate to the level of study, to play a preassigned piece of piano literature, and to harmonize a melody at sight.

Students must begin required piano study during the first semester and must remain enrolled until (a) the required number of hours of piano study is accrued, and (b) the piano proficiency exam is passed. A student in a degree program with no piano study requirement may, with the permission of the adviser and principal instructor, elect to take the piano proficiency exam. If the exam is not passed during the first semester, then enrollment in piano study is required until the exam is passed. A student should register for MUA 299 the semester after the exam is passed.

Sophomore Qualifying Examination (MUA 199)

Music students majoring in performance, music therapy, or music education must pass a sophomore qualifying examination in order to proceed to 300-level applied study. The sophomore qualifying examination may not be taken before the fourth semester of enrollment as a music major. A general description of the requirements for the sophomore qualifying examination is available for freshman and sophomore students.

The exam may be taken only once in a semester. A student who fails the exam twice in a single major area may not take the exam again in that major area. A student should register for MUA 199 in the semester in which the exam is to be taken.